Hebrews Week 2 Study Questions

January 20, 2008
Perfect Through Suffering
(Hebrews 2:5-18)

Discussion Questions

1. Hebrews is replete with OT references. In chapter 2 the author quotes Psalm 8: 4-6; 22: 22 and Isaiah 8: 17, 18. Read these texts in their context. What is the significance of the author of Hebrews putting the words of the Psalm 22 and Isaiah in Jesus’ mouth? How is Jesus equating Himself to humanity?

2. According to Hebrews 2, Jesus is a “faithful High Priest,” a notion that will be expounded upon later on in the book. First, using a concordance look to the OT to find some references to the High Priest. What were his roles/duties? Compare to Hebrews 2 and the ministry of Jesus. In an ultimate sense, why were the priests of old insufficient? Why was Jesus deemed the faithful High Priest?

3. Now what? Drawing from the conclusions that have been gleaned from the discussion of questions one and two, how are we to conduct ourselves?

4. Reflect a moment on Hebrews 2:18 (feel free to compare it with Heb 4:15). How does Jesus help us when we are tempted?

5. How might the message of 2:14-15 help to communicate hope to our friends and others who do not have a relationship with Jesus?

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