Zechariah Study Questions

by Sean Mills

As you’re well aware, our pastor is about to start a sermon series in the book of Zechariah. For small groups (when they begin) and anyone that may be interested in further study of the book, here are some study questions to get you started…

1. Zechariah’s name means “the LORD remembers.” In verses 1-6, his prophecy is, in essence, telling his contemporaries to remember the evil deeds of their ancestors and to recall the consequences of their actions. As we will see, a major theme in Zechariah’s prophecy is injustice. Can you ‘remember’ any ways that Israel may have been unjust in their dealings (see Isa 58, Micah 6:9-12 and Hos 6: 7-9)? Discuss.

2. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

A certain irony is noted within Zechariah’s first vision (vv 7-17). Though there was peace throughout the whole ‘earth’ (v. 11), God is very angry at the other nations (v. 15). Apparently, worldwide peace came at the expense of His people. You may recall, Israel’s trials with Egypt, Assyria, and Babylon; the world/earth as they understood it. In an historical sense, in what ways have so-called Christian nations and/or the church engaged in unjust practices at the expense of other peoples? Does this happen today? Where? If so, how can we (the universal church) remedy this situation? Is there anything that we (Peace Fellowship) can do?

3. In verse 14 of our translation, God says: “My love for Jerusalem and Mount Zion is passionate and strong.” In Hebrew, the phraseology uses a term which often depicts God as being quite zealous for His people and their plight for liberation from oppressive entities. As we meditate on this, what do you think it reveals to us about God’s character? How might this be useful to the Church today? How might (or should) this motivate us to fight against injustice?

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