Church teams

Below is a list of our serve teams here at Peace.

Set up/Tear down
Kid’s Ministry
Teens Ministry
Nursery – Pre-K

EOTR Community teams

Peace Out Sundays

Every last Sunday of the month, we … (add description)

(Should this be here? Who is the leader?)

Peace Walks DC

We are a broad coalition of gun violence survivors, churches, nonprofits, and activists working towards ending gun violence in the DMV by connecting our loved ones to the faith, hope, love and resources that we all need.

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Calvary Women’s Services

Volunteers contribute to monthly dinners (every third Friday of the month, drop-off or delivered items only) for 10 to 15 sisters at Calvary Women’s Services

(Add info about partnership with IDEA PCS ???)

(Add info about partnership with EOTR Mutual Aid?

(Add info about Housing Justice ???)

(Add info about starting / leading serve teams? Encouraging people to serve in their own ways and mobilizing people)