Belong. Broken body. Believe. Become. Breakthrough. Blessed. Be.

Peace Fellowship Church is a multi-ethnic, multi-socioeconomic, gospel-centered church in the heart of Deanwood, committed to loving God and loving our neighbors in the city and across the globe.

Our Values


All are welcome here and all are welcome to lead and serve here.  We also recognize that we belong to God and to each other because we are the beloved of God and are called to be a beloved community with one another.


We grieve and lament that the world that we live in is not what it should be. We are not stuck in a condition of brokenness, which God does not intend, but we desire to humble ourselves and repent. We grieve and lament the ways in which we have been divided as a body. We long and desire for an authentic relationship with one another.


We believe in the unity and complexity of God, seen in Jesus Christ, breathed through the Holy Spirit, and traced in the narrative of the Bible. Our prayer is this: God, orchestrate; Christ, activate; Holy Spirit, animate; that we may imitate.


We are all under (re)construction. We are a place that welcomes the deconstruction and the reconstruction of our faith.


Wherever there is bondage in our lives and in the systems in which we live, we are a people who believe in miracles, signs, and wonders, and who declare breakthrough, healing, and liberation in all areas of our lives. We believe in the ministry of healing and deliverance. We are to be a church that does not expect for all healing to take place inside the church; there are those looking for healing but are not “inside” the walls of the church. But we do believe that God’s desire is to meet people where they are and to use the church as a vehicle for healing and transformation.


“Always tenants, never owners.” This means that the things that we have are God’s – we do not own anything – and we give back to God.  We are blessed to be a blessing; and we are responsible and accountable to be caretakers/stewards of what is in our hands. We seek to go beyond cheerful giving towards a giving rooted not only in gratitude but also out of repentance.


Come as you are, wherever you are. We are a place where we can rest in the knowledge that we are God’s children, wherever we are in our faith, wherever we are in our journey of getting to know who it is God has created us to be.