Brian is doing great stuff in Deanwood. After five years as a part of staff at Sitar Arts Center, which gives under-resourced youth the opportunity to engage the arts, he is trying to offer such opportunities to the youth of Deanwood. Brian is a musician — he plays many instruments and received a masters in piano performance from the Catholic University of America last spring. Now he’s exploring new ways to make music lessons even more available to students in neighborhoods not currently served by Sitar.

Brian has been a part of Peace Fellowship since 2010 and moved into the neighborhood in 2012 to more fully support the ministry efforts of the church.

Check out his website,, to learn more and to see how you can support this new endeavor.

Brian Gorman

Brian Gorman

Sitar Arts Center

Nobody should be denied access to the language of God–music–because of income. Music is how we worship, how we express our adoration, and my hope is to see children and youth in Deanwood learn to worship God in this way.