PFC Member Tells the Stories of DC’s Homeless

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Peace Fellowship Church member Hi Uan Haaga has been working to tell the stories of many of DC’s homeless population.  Partnering with her friends, Charmaine Runes of Peace Fellowship and Pastor James Ellis, she takes stunning photos and gives these individuals a platform to share their story, calling the series 29 Stories of February. Her work was picked up by some local news outlets, including The Washington Post and Fox 5 DC. Check out her website here to see some of her amazing work and the dignified way in which she relates to the people whose story she is helping tell.

Kang Haaga said, “My collaborators and I interview the individuals, and we write the stories. We struggled a lot with the idea of writing someone else’s story. We wanted to show the utmost respect to the individuals and share their stories truthfully. Every post is different, but we always try to be true to the story that was shared with us.”

“The project has been largely exciting and a little bit daunting,” said Hill. “I have been looking to find a way to address some of the issues around homelessness since May last year. I love how this project allows people experiencing homelessness to simply be seen, even if for a brief moment, and how it already has affected my own seeing.”

Not only does this project include the stories of individuals experiencing homelessness, but the collaborators also interview people actively working for individuals experiencing homelessness.

“We hope that our readers can see the beauty of these individual stories and find ways to get involved in their own cities and communities,” said Kang Haaga.

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Curious to Learn More?

Hi Uan is an example of the way Peace Fellowship Church members are using their gifts to serve the Kingdom of God. Contact her for more information about this project by visiting her website.

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“Walking around in D.C., I was always meeting people experiencing homelessness, but I had never talked to them for more than a few minutes. I knew it would be an amazing experience to meet and talk to the individuals and help share their stories.”


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