Hebrews Week 5 Study Questions

February 10, 2008
Moving Forward, Not Backward
(Hebrews 5:11—6:20)

This week’s questions:

1. The author compares some Christians to babies who are only able to digest milk (5: 13). The writer insists that they have not matured enough to handle the “solid food” of our faith (5: 14). How should we understand this “solid food” of the Christian faith? Practically speaking, how is this solid food consumed?

2. “Falling away” is something that keeps coming up in Hebrews (we’ll see the idea again in 10:26). What is meant by “falling away” from the faith? (Try to discern what it entails and what it does NOT entail).

3. In 6:10 the author speaks of things that “accompany” or “come with” salvation, and he is confident that his audience will display these things. What might those things be?

4. Within this passage we get our first glimpse into the motifs of hope, faith and patience (6: 11, 12). These are key themes in Hebrews. The writer will expound upon them in greater detail in chapter 11. Explain the significance of these themes in the salvation that is in store for God’s people.

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