Study Questions: Back to Nature

(Hosea 14)

This week’s questions:

1. The last chapter of Hosea’s prophecy has in it a final call to repentance. We noted earlier, in chapters seven and eight, that the people regularly attempted to take matters into their own hands by forming suspect alliances and trusting in their man-made idols. The prophet tells the people to tell God that they will turn away from those very practices (v. 3). Sometimes our spiritual leaders need to speak directly to us concerning the sin in our lives. Are there any un-confessed sin in your life? How might God be trying to get your attention in regards to it? Pray and ask God to reveal those areas in your life that need to be yielded over to Him.

2. In verse four, God responds by healing His people. Within these two verses (three and four) we have the classic theme of confession, repentance and forgiveness (cf. 1Jn 1: 9). God goes on to say that His love knows no bounds. In light of the severity of Israel’s sin, demonstrated throughout the prophecy, how might we be encouraged to know or be reminded of God’s endless love? Explain.

3. The prophecy ends by proclaiming that the righteous live according to the ways of God (v. 9). What does it mean to live according to His ways? In a practical sense, how do we accomplish t

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