Workshop – The Doctrine of Discovery, Racial Justice, and the Mission of the Church Part 1

This four part workshop series is an opportunity for us to grow as disciples of Jesus and think through how we can more dynamically participate in God’s mission by confronting racism. Led by Mark Charles.


2 responses to “Workshop – The Doctrine of Discovery, Racial Justice, and the Mission of the Church Part 1”

  1. My God! The evil leashed when we turn from Jesus’ established Way!
    The effects of sin is astounding. No wonder we find distracting sin-battles to fight in our court and in the public “square” dividing people from people and limiting discussion and truth to be heard instead of labeled fake news.
    The abuses that we are to increase in this atmosphere.
    Now I understand what it means, “Make America great again.”
    Now I understand what is behind the slogans.
    As a country we hide the evil, promote what people want to see, and have a full segment of citizens who are happy with what is happening now because it is the systematic demolition of Christ’s Ministry Work.

  2. I’ve been listening to Mark Charles’ brilliant workshop series on the Doctrine of Discovery with great interest, because of the direct parallels for Australian First Peoples and settler churches.

    I found the sites for Workshops 2 & 3 with some difficulty, but have been unable to find the site for the audio file of Workshop 4. It seems that it has not yet been posted for some reason.

    Could you (i) post Workshop 4 ASAP, and/or (ii) send me a file or link to be able to listen to it?


    Jamie Edgerton, just south of Melbourne Australia

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