Hebrews Week 6 Study Questions

A Friend in High Places (Hebrews 7:1-28)

This week’s questions:

1. In what ways does the character of Melchizedek foreshadow the person of Jesus, according to the author of Hebrews?

2. Hebrews has consistently maintained that Jesus is a priest forever in the “line” of Melchizedek (5: 6, 10, 6: 20, 7: 11, 17 & 21. The word “line” has been translated in other versions as “order” or “like.” Other synonyms for the term are “manner,” “nature” and “kind.” It is a reference to the special nature of His priesthood.

a. In what ways are the priesthoods of Jesus and Melchizedek alike, according to Hebrews 7?

b. Melchizedek’s priesthood, like that of Jesus, is of an eternal nature and kind . Why is this important? How does it surpass the Levitical priesthood?

3. The author insists that because of Jesus, the eternal high priest, we are the recipients of a “better covenant” (7: 22). In light of the preceding, why don’t we offer sacrifices to Jesus? What, if anything, do we have to do?

4. Meditate a bit on 7:24-25, considering the notion of “forever.” Practically speaking, what does it mean for Jesus to be able to “save completely” and to be your Intercessor forever? How does that make you feel?

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