Hebrews Week 8 Study Questions

Let’s Hold On; We Can Make It Together! (Hebrews 10:1-39)

This week’s questions:

1. From the onset, Hebrews has consistently argued for the supremacy of Christ over all of creation. Drawing from a variety of OT images and references, He has been depicted as being the ultimate high priest and advocate to the Father on behalf of those believing in Him (9: 24). Thus the author has been stressing an immediate need for faith in Jesus. Chapter 10 begins with more discussion on the inadequacy of the Old Covenant and praising the New. In light of these points, what is the deliberate and continual sin of Heb. 10: 26?

2. Look at the “let us” section (verses 22-25). Brainstorm as to how we can be practical in fulfilling these admonitions in our church context.

3. The virtue of Christian ‘faith’ or ‘faithfulness’ is introduced in this week’s passage (10: 38 quoting Hab. 2: 4). The writer will bolster his argument in the next chapter. Nevertheless, how is Christian faithfulness to be demonstrated in a pure and relevant way?

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