Hebrews Week 9 Study Questions

Faith, You Need It For Your Journey (Hebrews 11:1-40)

This week’s questions:

1. Hebrews says that faith is the confident assurance that what we hope for is going to happen; the evidence of things we cannot see (11: 1). In other words, it means that we believe in God and His promises though we have no tangible proof that He exists or that anything we read in the Bible will ever come to pass. The author then remembers people who demonstrated this kind of faith and devotion to God. Why is God pleased when we put our trust in that which we cannot see? After all, practically speaking, this would not make much sense! We are taught as children to “check things out” (i.e., get proof!!!) before we invest time and energy into something.

2. Faith and Action working together. In each of the writer’s examples, the faithful did something (note the action verbs) to demonstrate their belief in God and what He promised. However, they are never depicted as bringing about their own desired outcome. It is always clear that God is also faithful to stand by His word. In what ways are the people mentioned demonstrating their faith by their responses to God’s promises? In practical terms, what action(s) are to accompany our prayers in our various circumstances? Explain.

3. Modern-day “faith” preachers and teachers. Develop a response to those who purport a “name it and claim it” doctrine. In light of the faithful warriors of Hebrews 11, who did not receive (in this lifetime) all that God promised (11: 13, 39), illustrate how faith is not always connected to getting and receiving. Unfortunately, the Church in America (and specifically in African American communities) has been smitten with materialism. Thus certain teachers and preachers have benefited greatly from this false teaching!!!

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