Study Questions: How Can I Give You Up?

(Hosea 11:1-11)

This week’s questions:

1. In this week’s passage, we get a different glimpse into the nature of God’s love for His people. Instead of matrimonial love, He now likens His relationship to Israel as a father to a son (v. 1). Considering this parental love, what do parents do for their children? What do children do to/for their parents? What is the essence of the parent-child relationship? Why do you think Hosea is drawing from this type of relationship (parent to child) as opposed to sticking with the matrimonial imagery?

2. In verse seven, God indicts His people. He said that they did not truly honor Him. In fact, we could surmise that the opposite is true. Most of Hosea’s prophecy tells of how God’s people dishonored Him. Nevertheless, what is true honor? Are there ways that we dishonor God, individually and collectively? Discuss. In practical matters, how can we truly honor God?

3. Through Hosea’s message, God promises not to totally destroy ancient Israel even though they have dishonored Him (vv. 8 & 9). He sees a day when there will be reconciliation between the two parties (vv. 11, 12). What might that fact be telling us about God’s love for His people? Does it mean that we will not be punished for sin? Is God bluffing? What are ways that we can attempt to not take advantage of God’s mercy?

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